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    3Dconnexion : SpaceMouse Wireless
    Introducing the new SpaceMouse® Wireless.
    With SpaceMouse Wireless, you're free to be more creative. Free to keep
    your desk clutter-free. Free to enjoy a superior 3D navigation experience.
    Product design award 2014
    Superior 3D Navigation

    However you work in 3D, a standard mouse and keyboard just can’t get close to the intuitive control delivered by SpaceMouse Wireless.

    This sleek, compact and easy to use 3D mouse lets you position the model or viewport, while you select, create and edit with the standard mouse.

    Wireless Freedom

    For the first time, 3Dconnexion’s 6-degrees-of-freedom sensor is combined with 3Dconnexion 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a rechargeable battery to deliver the reliability of a wired device, without the clutter of cords.

    Connecting SpaceMouse Wireless couldn’t be easier. Simply pop the micro-USB receiver in your PC or Mac and leave it there, while you enjoy a real-time connection to your 3D content.

    Flexible Recharging

    You’ll never have to cope without SpaceMouse Wireless thanks to its impressively long battery life of up to one month1 and corded or un-corded operation.

    When it does need some juice the supplied micro-USB cable handles re-charging and data at the same time. Just connect and continue working.

    1 Battery life of up to one month based on
      8 hours use per day, 5 days per week.
    Stylish Design

    Everything about SpaceMouse Wireless says attention to detail, from its small footprint and brushed steel base to its two conveniently positioned buttons.

    Product design award 2014
    Easy to Use

    Each SpaceMouse Wireless button opens its own radial menu providing convenient mouse-click access to four application commands.

    * Radial menus shown larger
      than actual size.
    Supported Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
    Certifications and Registrations
    • CE, FCC (Class B), BSMI, KCC, WEEE, WHQL
    • AutoCAD, 3D Max
    Technical Specification
    • 3Dconnexion® six-degrees-of-freedom
      (6Dof) sensor
    • 3Dconnexion® 2.4GHz wireless technology
    • Lithium-ion polymer battery (internal, rechargeable)
    • Micro-USB connectivity (cable supplied).
      Simultaneous data and recharging.
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 78x78x54mm / 3.1x3.1x2.1"
    • Weight: 424g / 0.93lb
    Package Contents
    • SpaceMouse® Wireless
    • SpaceMouse® Case
    • Micro-USB Receiver
    • Micro-USB Cable
    • CD ROM: Drivers, Demos and Tools
    Teknik Özellikler
    Taksit Seçenekleri
    Mouse Özellikleri
    Sensör Tipi Bilgi 3Dconnexion ® Altı Derece Serbestlik (6DOF) Sensörü Bilgi
    Renk Bilgi Siyah Bilgi
    Arka Aydınlatma Bilgi Mavi Renk Aydınlatma Bilgi
    Arayüz Bilgi Micro-USB Veri ve Şarj Kablosu Bilgi
    Ağırlık Bilgi 424gr Bilgi
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